"E:Info" - e:mail July 6, 2001

Subject:"E:Info"- MAPICS SH13931 level '15' for MAPICS XA R6 Client Applications

Dear MAPICS Customer:

The following notice is for MAPICS customers using the

MAPICS XA client server applications: AM+, Browser, CSM, EPDM,

Integrator, MM, OBPM, PDM+, and/or PM at XA Release 6.

SH13931 (pc/client cumulative PTF) for AM+. Browser, CSM, EPDM,

Integrator, MM, OBPM, PDM+, and/or PM users at MAPICS XA Release 6

has been updated to contain the '15' level of fixes as of 6/29/01.

If you are at MAPICS XA Release 6 and have any of the MAPICS XA

Client applications listed above and would like to have the

latest cumulative client fixes then download and apply SH13931.

All clients having this fix on will be at version

This can be seen on the title bar on the MAPICS XA client sign-on screen.

Below are the enhancements and fixes included in SH13931 since it was last updated:

Note; The number before each reported enhancement / fix represents the apar number that was created when the problem was reported.

58404 In Mapics Browser, create a Bookmark/Workbench for an Item Contract. When user tries

to reopen the view from the Bookmark/Workbench menu, a runtime is received "itemContracts

is undefined link".

Investigation revealed that the links to materialize contracts are built dynamically so that

when the bookmark is reopened the client cannot reopen the view because it has no knowledge

of the link.

The application has been changed to correctly build the contract from a bookmark.

58482 In PDM+, user created/modified card setting field definitions to maintainable. When the

user attempts to use the card, the maintainable setting has not been saved.

Investigation revealed that fields with dynamic security which can be defined on the server

are not being set correctly on the client.

The application has been changed to set the security on the dynamic fields with the correct

settings and to override the security when the user has created cards to change this security.

58515 In CSM, when the user creates a new order and add a new item to the order.

After the item has been created you should be at the line items list window and you should

see that the net sales amount has been calculated. Instead of ending the order cancel the

order at this point and answer yes to the please confirm box. The customer orders and quotes

view will have a residual gray bar across the screen.

Investigation revealed that when the user cancels the create view the client was attempting

to refresh the totals bar that was at the bottom of the line items window. Since it is no

long visible the application recreates which causes it to appear on the next view.

The application has been change to verify that the totals bar is valid before a refresh.

58612 In PDM+, 'Item Base Price (Calculated)'is not refreshed. If they use this view once,

and even if they go back to the default view, the Item Base Price ( Calculated ), in the

Item Display card, does not get refreshed, after it had been changed in the AS400.

Investigation revealed that this field is refreshed based on another logical field.

Because this second logical was previously built it does not get refreshed so the Item

Base Price does not recalculate.

The application has been changed to refresh the base price (calculated).

58656 In Browser, PC running CA Express R5V1M0 results in system primitive failure error.

Investigation that the CA Express code has been rewritten and the API structure has

changed. This is causing the client to fail to start up correctly.

The application has been changed to provide a work around until the correct CA Express

code can be applied.

58684 In Browser, when the user selects the Broadcast icon from the lower right-hand corner

from the Indented BOM or BOM Where-Used list view, 'Runtime error:

"handleSelectBroadcastPreferences" not understood' is received.

Investigation revealed that the client was not correctly handling the broadcast message.

The application has been changed to add the message to the environment.

58700 In Production, the value in the column of run machine hours variance on the manufacturing

order operations hours card is incorrect if the TBC of the operation is minutes. This

field is not dividing the actual time by 60 before subtracting from the standard time

(which is converted to hours): actual time in minutes is subtracted from standard time in

hours, resulting in an incorrect calculations.

Investigation revealed that the incorrect field was being used in this calculation.

The application has been changed to correctly calculate the run machine hours variance.

58701 In Production, the manufacturing order button does not pull the manufacturing order details

for the mfg order that was created for this customer order, even when a manufacturing order

number exists in the DMDREF file. You should be able to click on the mfg order button and

see the details for any mfg orders that were released per this customer order. Looking at the

customer demand object, and selecting a customer order that has a manufacturing order in the

DMDREF file, and clicking on the source of demand, and then clicking on the mfg order, then

issues manufacturing order not found incorrectly.

Investigation revealed that the link between a MO and a CO was not correct.

The client application has been changed to set the link correctly.

58706 In Integrator, if they create a Private view for a certain user, lets say ESTECLA, and

then they go into the integrator using other user profile ( QSECOFR for example ), they

can change, apparently, the PRIVATE view for ESTECLA, but the changed will not be visible

by ESTECLA, instead the system will create also a private view for QSECOFR, which will be a

copy from the PRIVATE view from m ESTECLA + Changes that QSECOFR had done.

The client has been changed to corrected create privates views.

58719 In MM, when a user creates a subset containing the "Planned by" field they received a

runtime error.

Investigation revealed that this field size was defined incorrectly from the server


The client has been changed to create this field with the same attributes defined on

the server file.

58740 In PM, when the user enters the first requisition and 'return to create another' is checked.

After the first requisition is created, the requisition number is not increased. Therefore

you get error that the requisition already exist.

Investigation revealed that the client was not increasing the requisition number when the

application returned to create another requisition immediately following the first.

The client has been changed to correctly increment the requisition number.

58749 In PM, the GL expense account field, shown in Pur, is missing from PM. The field is

EAGN in the VENNAM file.

Investigation revealed that this field was added in R6 but was missed during the upgrade.

The client has been change to add this field to the client vendor definition.

58756 (R6 Only) In OBPM, if you attempt to run the work list report in OBPM and enter a date in the

future in the horizon date field, an information box comes up and states 'Run date must

be equal to or later than the horizon date'. This is incorrect: the purpose of the horizon

date is to exclude work from the report that is scheduled to start after this date....which

makes the report smaller, and allows you to focus on the work that must be accomplished in

this date range. The run date is simply the date that the report is requested to run.

PCC worklist generation allows you to enter a future date in the horizon date field; OBPM

should work the same here.

Investigation revealed that when setting the horizon date, the check that the runDate was

less than or equal date to the horizon was made. If true the message would be issued.

The application has been changed to check that the rundate is greater than the horizon date

before the message is given.

58760 In MM, when submitting the Host Job Allocation Quantity Audit from the Item Warehouses object,

an informational message "setIsPrintEnabled" not understood appears.

Investigation revealed that the message "setIsPrintEnabled" was not included in the correct

object logic.

The application has been changed to correctly handle the Host Job Allocation Quantity Audit

without the info message.

58765 In CSM, add the following attributes to the general view: invoice amount (c6fgva) and order

value local currency (c6dcva). When you subset on a particular company and customer etc.

to see the open orders you will notice that the invoice amount column calculation is correct

but the order value is double which is incorrect.

Investigation revealed that the column totals was accumulating across all columns selected

for totalling.

The application has been changed to correctly total each column individually.

58800 In Material Management, when you attempt to receive an item, and you are using a subset,

item.itclim not understood is issued in a small error box. The transaction does update,

but the error message should not be issued.

Investigation revealed that once an item is received it is removed from the collection

of available items so that when the view is refreshed, a subset containing the itclim

field fails to refresh because it is no longer valid.

The application has been changed to refresh only the fields that are valid.

58816, In EPDM, effective dates on component mass replace window should be added.

The application has added the effective dates on the component mass replace window.

58832 In CSM, when the user maintains an order comment, place the cursor in the description

field and delete the value in that field. Press the tab key, receive index out of bound

runtime error.

The application has been changed to perform the required actions without the runtime.

58840 In MM, templates under Inventory Count Groups from Materials card sometimes show no

templates and sometimes it shows 1 or more.

Investigation revealed that the templates for inventory count groups were not built

correctly in the source.

The application has been changed to rebuild these templates so that appear when required.

58859 In OBPM, Runtime Error: PfxDBStatementError is issued if EPDM is not installed and you

are trying to create a manufacturing order. The errorlog and joblog shows that it is looking

for program AMDFEROC in the library list, and it does not exist. This is an EPDM program that

is titled 'fetch effective revision/item process.'

Investigation revealed that when requesting to create a MO the application was incorrectly

defaulting the item revision field to current causing the application to attempt a call

to a EPDM only program.

The client has been changed to not default this field and to check for EPDM before the call.

58931 In PM, when creating/maintaining releases on a blanket item on a purchase order, and you

"preview before create", then get an error on one of the fields... if you change the field(s)

in error and press create, everything seems to work okay. But if you press cancel and cancel

the create of that release, then select the create release option again, the remaining quantity

is reduced by the quantity that was on the cancelled release. If you enter the true remaining

quantity and try to create the release, you receive a message that the sum of the releases exceeds

the order quantity, even though the existing release quantities along with the quantity of the

release you are creating does not exceed the order quantity.

Investigation that when pressing continue, the client sets up the order to post but if the

release is canceled because of an error, the release quantity was not recalculated.

The client has been changed to correctly reset the quantity if an item release is canceled after

an error is received on the create process.


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